Sunday, December 9, 2012

Practice Machine Sewing Sheet for Beginners

       Hello!  So today I am posting two machine sewing practice pdfs.  One is in imperial measurements and the second is in metric.  These sheets should help you learn to sew straight & curved lines, gauge the distance of certain seam lines, lifting the presser foot on turns, and determine the speed in which you should sew in certain areas.

I placed my sheets under the Stitches tab of my Sewing Notebook.
Image of one of my practice sheets:
Have an awesome day!  :D


  1. I would love to try this but the sheets aren't printing right. It is missing most of the top of the page and part of the leaf. Is it my printer?

  2. Hi, Rolanda! I am sorry you're having trouble with the print out. I double checked both and they seem to be working fine. If you let me know which link you're having trouble with, I can look into it further. :)

  3. This is wonderful. I will use it also for my grandchildren to learn. Thank you so much

  4. Many thanks for this! I am trying to improve my sewing skills on an industrial machine and these will be really useful.

  5. thanks!
    Yeeeears ago while taking a home ec. class in high school, my teacher used a similar practice on paper. I will put a dull, used needle in though as I teach my granddaughter who's 9, because paper will not do my good needles any favors!