Sunday, February 3, 2013

Free Printable Patternmaking Tools

Sorry, about the late post!  I got bombarded with a bunch of sewing requests (alterations, etc...) the past couple weeks.  Also, I am working on a measurement chart.  My drawing skills have gone down hill, so it is taking a bit longer than I want. 

In the mean time, I started on some printable patternmaking tools.  I am working on imperial and metric versions of a right triangle/compass, curve stick, and a french curve.  I have these tools already in my sewing kit, but I thought printable versions would be nice to have in case I lose or break something that I am not able to replace right away.  They are easily portable, as well.

I finished an Imperial Right Triangle/Compass today.  I will keep updating this post as I complete them throughout the week. (Update 02/04/2013: Finished Metric Right Triangle/Compass. 02/05/2013: Finished French Curve. 02/27/2013: Finished Metric & Imperial Hip Curve.)

Imperial Right Triangle & Compass
Metric Right Triangle & Compass
 French Curve
Metric Hip Curve
Imperial Hip Curve
Make sure that your "Page Scaling" is set to "None"
or it will not print at the correct size.
Double check using a ruler.
 Here is a picture demonstrating how to use it as a compass to make a curve or circle.
Here is a picture of what the French Curve looks like.
Metric Hip Curve.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Imperial & Metric Conversion Chart

       Greetings!  Today I present to you an Imperial & Metric Conversion Chart!  I put all the information in the chart that I thought would be the most relevant to anyone interested in dressmaking, tailoring, and/or patternmaking.  It contains formulas for converting commonly used imperial and metric measurements, plus calculating the circumference of a circle.  I also included a quick reference chart, which starts breaking down the first inch in 1/16" converting to millimeters.   Then I broke it down into increments of 1/8" converting to centimeters up until a little over 3 yards. 

Here is the link: Imperial and Metric Conversion Chart
Here is a preview of the first page.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Practice Machine Sewing Sheet for Beginners

       Hello!  So today I am posting two machine sewing practice pdfs.  One is in imperial measurements and the second is in metric.  These sheets should help you learn to sew straight & curved lines, gauge the distance of certain seam lines, lifting the presser foot on turns, and determine the speed in which you should sew in certain areas.

I placed my sheets under the Stitches tab of my Sewing Notebook.
Image of one of my practice sheets:
Have an awesome day!  :D